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updated: 7th September 2006


Subscribers can submit anytime.

Dark Animus is interested in original, dark, gritty pulp fiction (science fiction, horror, fantasy, weird – other) that captures the imagination of the reader. 

I'm after stories up to 8,000 words (2000-4000 words is ideal) and bear in mind that shorter stories have a greater chance of acceptance.  Query if you have longer stories. If something can hold my attention, and I think it’s brilliant, I will not refuse it.

Electronic submissions can be emailed as an attached rtf file to skullmnky@hotmail.com

Please put the words ‘SUBMISSION:’ in the title. Authors details, and email address must be included in the submission as well as a short bio. Also state if the story is a reprint or not.

Mail submissions will only be accepted upon arrangement.  In general, I no longer accept mail submissions.  Let's just say, I got sick of too many people sending me mail submissions, with no IRCs, or insufficient or no postage.  There were many fine people who did the right thing, but there were many who did not, so no more.  

Dark Animus is geared towards an adult audience and I am not easily offended.  I will not restrict stories by genre but content must be justified by storyline.   Send me horror, westerns, crime fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction - I don't care as long as it's well written and original.  I am after visionary stories with a powerful storyline and strong characterization.   I do not appreciate gratuitous sex and violence.  I will also not consider anything racist, sexist, or which conveys a message of sex or cruelty to animals or children.   Finally, if you have someone bonking a corpse, it'll have to be a damned good story before I accept it.  

Things to definitely avoid: stories with copyrighted characters (unless you have the rights), stories with well-known characters eg. Dracula, Satan, Jesus Christ, etc, stories that have RPG overtones,  children's or YA stories, stories written in the style of another author eg. Terry Pratchett.  If you're not Terry, don't mimic his work.

Things to try an avoid: journal-style stories, stories with elves, stories with strong pop-culture references, re-written fairy tales, tales where the storyline centres about a cursed object, stories containing torture, rats (or swarms eating people), what I call grim stories, & stories written in present tense.  I will not automatically reject such stories but you will have a harder time getting me to accept your submission if you send me this style of fiction.  Thee are always however, exceptions to the rule.  

Things I'd like to see more of: crime fiction, humour, science fiction and fantasy.  Remember, it all has to be slanted with that dark, pulpy Dark Animus feel.  

I would recommend all writers order a copy of the magazine to get an idea of the sort of fiction we are publishing.    

Note: Dark Animus is a not-for-profit magazine and ALL proceeds from sales go back into the magazine itself in one form or another.

Currently contributors receive one contributor copy of the issue in which their work appears.  For stories written by two authors, you will receive one copy of the magazine each.  

Note: As of Dark Animus #8, new fiction will receive ¼¢/word $AU plus a contributor copy payable via Paypal upon publication.  We will not pay for reprinted stories; these will only receive one contributor copy.  

Copyright remains with the author  – Dark Animus generally seeks First Print Rights, one use only. No simultaneous submissions. No multiple submissions.  


Any enquires at all, please contact me.

Response time at this stage is up to ASAP-12 weeks


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